Sunday, October 16, 2011

Post-Release Party Syndrome

It has been a week since our Record Release Party and that week has been jam packed with activity...indirectly.
The band hasn't met as a whole in over a week but fans,venues, and business have been on full throttle in terms of said activity. Not only is our music finally online, our shirts and hard copy albums are officially sold out. 

We are currently ordering more cd's and shirts for those who missed out at the release party so thanks for your patience.

We played 2 gigs this week but unfortunately both lacked a rhythm guitarist. 
We have many gigs coming up and are hoping to line up even more.
If you haven't already check out our music online on our facebook, bandcamp, or itunes pages!
Thanks everyone!
-Mozzo Kush

Monday, September 26, 2011

Taylor and his people skills...

So Taylor Jones our drummer serves two purposes: Drum Master and connection maker. He has been constantly connecting with fans, handing out stickers, attending local shows, and working his ass off for the entirety of our existence. Recently, however, his labor has started to bear some real fat juicy fruit. We booked tons of shows (some paying some not..) through Taylor spanning from this week to April of next year. Furthermore, Taylor just received some mail, from a guy he became acquainted with, inquiring about promoting our band nationally through college radios, local radios, tv, etc. Now we haven't jumped on this opportunity yet (cant be too careful in the music industry) but I think we can credit Taylor with his relentless work towards developing good healthy connections with the right people. Props!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

That Light at the end of the Tunnel

With our album release party approaching, (OCT. 6) we have been hard at work ordering merchandise, show props, and equipment. Furthermore, we have been stressing out finishing the album's touches with Aaron Rauber (producer) and organizing the event.
Fortunately things have been relatively smooth for us. T-shirts are coming along, buttons arrived, we got a banner shipping, posters in development, and ultimately an Album being set to drop very, very soon.
In order to promote our release we've been taking a lot of photos for our poster, flyers, etc.
On top of a mountain. psh

Dramatically on top of a mountain


Family shot

Mural shot
Check em out. We hope all of you are as excited as we are for this final push! We can finally see some light at the end of this tunnel!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beach Groovin'

At the triathlon with some new met fans. Thanks for coming out!
Successful gig today at Lover's Point during the Triathlon! Along with the many athletes and spectators, we enjoyed the rare sunny day on a stage set up on the sand. We went on a journey lugging our equipment up and down stairs, but it was worth it for the fun show. Big thanks to Edison Cho for filling in today, he did great! We'll have pictures from the day up on our Facebook soon, so stay tuned to see some real wonderful pictures of us groovin' up on stage with the Pacific Ocean behind us and some fans that couldn't resist dancin' !
We are playing our next show at American Burger on September 23rd, 7-9pm. It's going to be FREE so we invite you, your friends, and your families to come and eat some tasty homestyle cookin' while listening to some rockin' music by Mozzo Kush!
Link to the event on Facebook

Hope to see you soon!
-Mozzo Kush

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Music Video is Done!

The music video for our single "Checked in to Check Out" is now finished! You can watch it on Youtube or check it out on our video gadget down the right column of this blog. Don't forget to watch the "Making Of" video as well. We thank the music video workshop in Soledad for walking us through the movie making process and we thank Connexion Communitaria/TEDx for organizing the class. Also, we would like to thank our Producer Aaron Rauber for recording and producing our music. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Encouraging Day

Today we played a 2 hour set in Carmel Plaza through a line of shows called the "Up and Comers" series. We were chosen as one of the bands to play in the plaza and we had a great time. We brought back older originals and introduced a few covers as well. Also, we met some cool people from as far as France who enjoyed our music and that was encouraging. In face we made quite a profit in donations from all the wonderful audience members and passing shoppers. On another note, we broke 300 likes on facebook! Thanks to all of our supporters and fans we really thrive off of your love for music!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The American Dream

Hey there all you Mozzoballs, we've been keeping ourselves very busy recently! On Thursday we played a gig at American Burger in Monterey and we want to thank all the fans who came out to support us, the place was packed and we had a great time! Today, we met with CSUMB graduate Eric Palmer who co-directed our music video to "Checked In to Check Out" and made some final touches on the video which is due out this week. We'll be posting it on Facebook and Youtube so keep an eye out, we'll keep you updated! On another note, we've been slapping Mozzo Kush stickers around town and on school campus, fighting an ongoing battle with the librarians who keep taking them down, only to find two more the next day for every sticker they take down.